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Single Part

3D representation of a single design component


3D arrangment of parts 



We evaluate your request based on the number of single components and their complexity. 

Single Part Package includes:​

  • 3D part model (file type .sldprt)

  • 3D step model (file type .step)

  • 2D drawing (file type .slddrw)

  • 2D drawing (file type .pdf)

Order 10 or more parts to receive a discount.

Price may vary based on the complexity of the parts and their assembly.

  • 3D assembly model (file type .sldasm)

  • 3D part models (file type .sldprt)

  • 3D step models (file type .step)

  • 2D drawings (file type .slddrw)

  • 2D drawings (file type .pdf)

Single Assembly Package includes:​

$55/assembly (1-30 parts)

Converting 2D to 3D

Converting 2D to 3D



Large assembly prices vary.

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